Yukon Spartan 3x50 Gen2+

Extremely bright and clear image, suitable for search & rescue, security and law enforcement, marine professionals, and hunters.

The best value Gen2+ monocular available, tested and chosen by M.P.I. Compliance and Response.

The Yukon Spartan 3×50 gen2+ monocular is fitted with a high grade Generation 2+ image intensifier tube and precision ground fully multi-coated optics, for a very clear image in extreme low light levels.

Minimum system resolution of 45 line pairs per mm, a minimum signal to noise ratio of 20, and a typical conversion factor (light amplification) of 27,000x gives the Yukon Spartan 3×50 Gen2+ an impressive detection range of 600 metres for a human sized object @ 0.05lux.

The lightweight, compact, and shockproof rubber armoured body is ergonomically designed for single handed operation, having just two operation buttons for easy use. The Yukon Spartan 3×50 Gen2+ will operate for up to 40 hours with one CR123A battery, or 20 hours when using the Pulse IR illuminator. An accessory Pulsar IR illuminator can double its distance performance.

The Yukon Spartan Gen2+ is mainly designed to see distant, or small objects, in extremely low light. Because of its high conversion factor, this unit is especially useful for viewing through glass without IR illumination. It also features Automatic Brightness Control, that maintains a comfortable image brightness, and Bright Light Protection for situations when the unit may be subjected to strong light sources, car headlamps for instance.

The Yukon Spartan 3×50 Gen2+ monocular has a 3 year manufacturer warranty, available only through authorised Yukon Optics New Zealand dealers.

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Yukon Spartan 3x50 Gen2+

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