Yukon Spartan 3x42

The Yukon Spartan is versatile, easy to use, and delivers a crisp image, even in total darkness.

Great allround performer, this starlight device will enable you to recognise a human sized object at 200 meters in starlight-quarter moon conditions, or in total darkness with the in-built infrared illuminator.

The Yukon Spartan series has a range of useful accessories, such as rifle mounts, digital camera/video recorder adapters, interchangeable lenses, and accessory IR flash lights, and headmounts, making this iten a versatile option for for hunting, fishing, boating, home security, and general nightime observation.

The Yukon Spartan 3×42 is a great improvement over the earlier Yukon NVMT series that went out of production in 2009.

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Yukon Spartan 3x42