Yukon NV 5x60

The Yukon NV 5×60 night vision monocular is designed for long distance and detailed observation.

The large, 60mm objective lens ensures that the higher magnification still delivers a relatively bright image. The image that is produced by the NV 5×60 has good contrast, and good resolution of around 40 lines/mm.

The light weight, highly durable, impact resistant rubberised housing, is ergonomically designed for ease of use and transportation. It is easy to hold and use when wet, or whilst wearing gloves.

For use in extreme darkness, the NV 5×60 is equipped with a built-in Pulse IR illuminator for detailed observation at 180 metres. The NV 5×60can be mounted on a tripod, convenient for long-time observation, and for mounting accessories, such as more powerful IR flashlights.

For extending the viewing distance in darkness, we recommend adding a Pulsar L-808 IR flashlight, that can extend viewing to beyond 400 metres.

The Yukon NV 5×60 is an excellent option for farm security, surveillance and hunting.

The Yukon Spartan 3×42 has a 3 year manufacturer warranty, available only through an authorised Yukon Optics New Zealand dealer.


Image Tube Generation1
Magnification, x5
Lens Diameter, 60mm
Resolution, lines/40mm
Field of View, 12 degrees
Diopter Adjustment, D+/-5
Range of Detection, 180 metres
IR Illuminator Range, 100 metres
Grade of water-resistance IPX3
Power Supply, 3V (CR123A)
Tripod Mount, 1/4 inch
Dimensions, 206×70×93 mm
Weight, 0.66 kg

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Yukon NV 5x60

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