Pulsar Recon 770R

Professional grade digital night vision monocular with in-built digital recorder.

The Pulsar Recon 770R is designed for security and law enforcement personal, whose lives depend on spotting offenders, and assessing potentially dangerous situations, without giving away their presence. The situation can then be monitored whilst awaiting back-up, and recorded for court evidence.

The Pulsar Recon can also be used for wildlife observation, home security, and hunting.

Observation and recording can be undertaken in total darkness, in daylight, and mixed lighting, such as night-time city environments.

• 4x magnification
• 50mm objective lens
• 250m detection range
• System resolution min. 40lp/mm
• In-built IR illuminator
• Massive working range from 0.005 lux (starlight/minimal ambient light) to 30,000 lux (sunlight)
• Video-out socket
• Virtually indestructible, high impact, glass impregnated polymer body

The Recon 770R has 4 viewing modes:
1: Standard
2: High contrast
3: Green image (good for extended viewing sessions)
4: Red image (good for retaining your natural night vision)

A brightness wheel controls image brightness.

Suitable for security, hunting, and wildlife observation. Professional quality, made in Europe.

The Pulsar Recon 770R carries a 3-year manufacture warranty, only available through an authorised Yukon Optics New Zealand dealer.

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Pulsar Recon 770R

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