Pulsar Core FXQ38 Thermal Front Attachment

Convert your daylight riflescope into a thermal sight

The Pulsar Core FXQ is supplied with an with an eyepiece for use as a hand-held monocular, and a Pulsar Cover-Ring Adapter for fixing to the front of a daylight riflescope.

The image is presented on a state-of-the-art OLED Sapphire Microdisplay, which produces an exceptionally clear green image, with fully adjustable brightness and contrast, and is more than twice as energy efficient as standard OLED displays.

When used as a hand-held spotter, the Pulsar Core can detect a 0.5mx1.7m object at 1400m, and when fitted to a riflescope, detection range is controlled by magnification and riflescope type and quality.

The Pulsar Core fits most high quality riflescopes with objective lenses from 40mm – 56mm, and is supplied with one Pulsar Cover-ring Adapter. Choose adapter size based upon your riflescope’s objective lens diameter. Extra Cover-ring Adapters are available for fitting the Core to multiple rifles.

The FXQ38 is designed for riflescopes with a magnification of 2x – 6×.

Optical Features

  • 38mm f1.2 germanium objective lens
  • 1x magnification when fitted to a riflescope
  • 3.1x / 6.2x magnification with hand-held eyepiece fitted
  • Accurate Internal Focus Adjustment

Electronic features:

  • 384×288 pixels microbolometer sensor
  • 17µ pixel pitch
  • Refresh rate 50Hz
  • High quality green OLED Saphire microdisplay
  • Three calibration modes – manual (silent), semiautomatic, and automatic
  • Three operation modes – “Rocks”, “Forest”, “Identification”
  • Image inversion modes: “White hot” and “Black hot”
  • One shot zeroing for riflescope calibration
  • Dead pixel repair function

Other features:

  • Waterproof to IP67
  • Wireless remote control
  • High shock resistance and certified to withstand recoil muzzle energy of 6000 Js
  • Compact size: 190mm x 65mm x 60mm
  • Low weight: 400
  • Wide temperature operating range: -25 to +50 degrees Celsius.

Price includes one Pulsar Cover-ring Adapter for fitting to your riflescope. Tell us your scope objective lens diameter so that we can supply the correct size.

$6799.00 Incl GST ($5912.18 plus GST)

The Pulsar Core has a 3 year warranty when purchased through an authorised Yukon Optics NZ dealer.

Only $6,799.00

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Pulsar Core FXQ38 Thermal Front Attachment
Pulsar Core FXQ38 Thermal Front Attachment
Pulsar Core FXQ38 Thermal Front Attachment

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