Pulsar Edge GS 1x20 Long Range Kit

Convert your Pulsar Edge GS 1×20 goggle into a 2×46 binocular with high power IR laser illuminator.

This kit converts your Pulsar Edge GS 1×20 headmount kit into a hand held binocular that can detect humans, pigs and deer out to over 300 metres.

Doubler lenses
The Doubler Lenses easily screws onto the front of the Pulsar Edge’s objective lenses, doubling the magnification, whilst maintaining a fast aperture size, with no significant loss in light transmission.

Pulsar L-808s eyesafe laser IR illuminator
The Pulsar L-808s Infrared laser illuminator attaches to a short Weaver rail that fits on to the top of your goggle. The Pulsar L-808s IR laser flashlight emits a powerful infrared beam, that can be adjusted for brightness, beam position, and focussed to spot or flood. When attached to the Pulsar Edge GS 1×20 and doubler lens conversion kit, the Pulsar L-808s can spot humans, pigs, and deer at over 300 metres.

The beam can be focussed from flood to spot, and its power output is adjustable. The position of the beam can be adjusted for optimum image clarity.

The Pulsar Edge GS 1×20 long range kit has a three year factory warranty.

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Pulsar Edge GS 1x20 Long Range Kit
Pulsar Edge GS 1x20 Long Range Kit