Pulsar Apex XQ38 Thermal Rifle Scope

Designed for rapid target acquisition.

The Pulsar Apex XQ38 Thermal Rifle Scope is a are state-of-the-art infrared target acquisition sight, suitable for all hunting and pest control duties.

With a blistering, military specification 50Hz refresh rate, 384×288 amorphous silicon thermal array, the Pulsar Apex XQ Thermal Rifle Scope delivers rapid target acquisition with outstanding image clarity.

At the core of a Pulsar Apex is a highly sensitive Amorphous Silicon (a-Si) thermal sensor, developed and manufactured in France by major NATO supplier ULIS.

The scope body is made with a high tech, glass filled polymer that is resistant to shock and the harshest of New Zealand’s climatic conditions. The Pulsar Apex XQ is able to withstand high recoil energy to 6000 Joules.

The aiming reticle is adjusted electronically, and has a choice of thirteen reticles that can be selected on-the-fly without loss of zero. Each reticle can be further adjusted for polarity and aiming point colour to suit the prevailing conditions. A One-Shot zero function reduces the number of sighting shots required to sight-in a rifle. There is provision to save three zero parameters for different ranges and loads.

The Pulsar Apex XQ Thermal Rifle Scope is fitted with a rapid focus lever, and has the option of White-Hot and Black-Hot image polarity. A wide range of brightness and contrast setting can be easily selected at the turn of a dial, and three pre-programed visual processing modes. The image is presented on a high quality OLED micro-display, that produces a clear image even in extreme cold conditions.

The Pulsar Apex XQ Thermal Rifle Scope has a host of additional functions, such as automatic calibration, semi-automatic calibration, and manual (silent) calibration, a video-out socket for recording your shot to a Yukon MPR / CVR640 compact video recorder or to an external video monitor. The scope can be powered with replaceable CR123a batteries, or an external power supply such as a Pulsar EPS3 or EPS5 rechargeable power pack.

Note: This is the full spec XQ38, not the lower performance XD38A model.

Pulsar Apex XQ38 specifications

p. *Microbolometer: 384 × 288 / 17µ / 50Hzp. * Range of detection: 920m (object measuring 1.7×0.5m) / deer up to 1100 metres

* Magnification: 1.5x – 3x

* Lens: 38mm / f1.2 / premium grade germanium

* Field of view, m @100m H 25 metres x V 12.6 metres

* Weight: 0.7kg

* Refresh rate: 50Hz

* Microbolometer Resolution: 384×288

* Spectral sensitivity: 8-14µ

* White-hot / Black-hot polarity

* Display: High resolution OLED microdisplay

* Automatic / semi-automatic / manual ‘shutterless’ calibration options

* Video Out facility to record footage to MPR

* Eye relief: 67mm and Exit Pupil 5mm

* Power Supply: 4-6v using 2 x CR123 lithium batteries

* External Power Supply: EPS3 or EPS5 from Pulsar

* Reticles: 13 user selectable

* Reversible reticle polarity

* Picture-in-picture mode

* Windage and Elevation 1 Click (H/V) mm@100m: 40/40

* Minimum focusing distance: 5m

* Eye relief: 67mm and Exit Pupil 5mm

* Weaver Rail / dovetail mount system

* Shock Resistance: 6000 joules

* Weight: 600 grams

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Pulsar Apex XQ38 Thermal Rifle Scope
Pulsar Apex XQ38 Thermal Rifle Scope
Pulsar Apex XQ38 Thermal Rifle Scope
Pulsar Apex XQ38 Thermal Rifle Scope
Pulsar Apex XQ38 Thermal Rifle Scope

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