Guardian IR516FA Bi-Ocular Thermal Imager


EX-DEMO As supplied to Coastguard New Zealand and Ministry for Primary Industries Fisheries

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The new Guardian IR516FA delivers high performance and rapid object location at night and in adverse daylight conditions including rain, fog and snow. It can spot a human at 2400 metres, making it useful for all law enforcement and search and rescue applications.

A technologically advanced French ULIS Amorphous Silicon (a-Si) sensor with a military specification 50Hz refresh rate, forms a sharp image even when moving quickly in a motor launch or helicopter. This unit is suitable for all critical land, sea , and air tasks, such as detecting icebergs, ships and lifeboats, people overboard, small unlit craft, and objects in busy shipping lanes. It can spot animals and people at great distance, even when obscured by foliage.

The Guardian IR516FA is a bi-ocular system with two high performance OLED screens, which is highly cost effective and comfortable for prolonged viewing. Unique features include Hot-Point Tracking, which highlights and tracks a warm object even when the unit is in motion, a motorised automatic focus lens, and selectable viewing modes for different environments and tasks.

The Guardian IR516FA has an impact resistant IP67 fully immersible waterproof housing, that is designed for harsh marine conditions. It is compact, lightweight, and easy to use. An in-built video recorder is useful for staff training and capturing evidential proof.

The Guardian IR516FA is the latest technological development in thermal imaging, and represents cutting edge performance and features.

• 50Hz 384×288 aSi UFPA thermal sensor
• 61mm wide angle Germanium lens
• 3.8x magnification
• Digital zoom- 2x (7.6x) and 4x (15.2x)
• Field-of-view 9 × 6.75˚
• Motorised auto and manual focus
• High resolution 600×800 OLED viewfinder
• Human detection range ≤2400 metres
• Internal (camcorder battery) or external power source
• In-built video/still recorder
• IP67 fully immersible waterproof body
• User definable viewing modes
• Hot-point tracking system
• Weight- 1.3kg

3 month warranty from time of sale.

The Guardian IR516FA is available for export subject to New Zealand Government export controls. Contact us for information and availability.

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Guardian IR516FA Bi-Ocular Thermal Imager
Guardian IR516FA Bi-Ocular Thermal Imager

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